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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The short, baffling life of dung jellyfish

Okay. Tonight the dung story to top them all. I'll set the scene:

9:10 p.m. Thursday, in the last of three classes with the same three students. Everyone is feeling a little silly and restless, myself included. I'm writing some sentences on the white-board for the kids to pick out the nouns. Preoccupied, I don't notice one of the kids has snuck up to the board, and is doodling something with the spare marker.

I can already tell what it is from the perfectly symmetrical folds, to the stink lines wafting from the top, but I figure I might as well ask.

"Joseph... what are you drawing?"

Joseph smiles a big sloppy smile.


The other two convulse in laughter at the mention of this holy grail of Korean kid's humour.

Once the dung ship has sailed, there's no way of getting these kids back. The word association starts.

"Fire doung!"


"Ice doung!"


"Pig water doung!"

That proves to be the clincher, and I'm surprised these kid's stomachs don't rupture.

By this point I'm way too curious where their mind will go next, so I let the free drawing commence.

Dung beehive. Dung soft-serve icecream machine. The great dung jellyfish. I can't play stern teacher anymore and I crack up. I love the minds of children, because you have absolutely no idea where they'll go next. The white-board is covered in wavy stink lines.

At least dung is a noun.


Shane said...

What? Where's the sword dung, the bullfrog dung, or the pee dung? Actually, it's hard to top jellyfish dung.
The minds of children are not only filled to the brim with unlimited potential, but they are also radically full of shit.

Jono said...

It's a comfort to know that, even in my absence, you still consort with those who will discuss feces, if not thier own, with you at length whether you'd like them to or not. Additionally, they have the advantage of actually being children, whereas I simply clung to a general "childlike-ness" as my excuse. But... do they play guitar in the can?

Anonymous said...

^^^^He likes poop jokes.