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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Enough with the kvetching, I'm saying!

It was the decisive play in an end-of-the-day-game of Scrabble. The three kids were adding up their scores against mine, but I was still leading 112 to 109. They could have beat me with an 'and,' but Judy came through with a hilarious tour-de-force to take the victory by a landslide.

She held aloft a 10 point 'Z' which had gone unused for the entire game. Her intent was to slap it down on a triple word score next to an O and its mate which was in the palm of her other hand. A cool 32 point 'zoo' for the win right?

But remember how Korean kids can't say the letter Z? It always comes out like a J...

Here's how Judy's victory cry sounded to Western ears:

"We have the 'Jew' so we win!!"

Oy vey...

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Jono said...

I'll shall be both disapointed and ashamed if you continue to capitalize shamelessly on the Korean inability to say zoo, and if I keep reinforcing the behaviour by finding it hysterical.

Incidentally, I will henceforth keep a Jew handy in the event that I am ever required by a maniacal sadist, perhaps Dave Grohl in a Satan costume, to play Scrabble! with my life as a wager.