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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I have seen the future. There are vibrating coasters, and corn in your everything.

After a work week of small town livin' and healthy food, it's a nice boon to enjoy the simplest of pleasures the big city has to offer— movie theaters and hamburgers.

Headed into Samseong today to see "The Departed" with Shane, which was a sweet movie, if just for the Bostonian wise-cracking and Happy Jack.

At the COEX food court we ate at a place called "Home Burger." Due to the sheer size of the food court seating area, and to avoid a long queue of people waiting for their meals, the staff give you a small black disc ringed in UFO lights. You find a place, sit down, and when your food is ready, the disc vibrates and lights up. Wireless technology has outpaced the common yell yet again.

Korean hamburgers are much better than Korean pizza, especially with interesting toppings like sliced pineapple. Shane and I shared an immature giggle when the Home Burger cashier pointed to the condiment island at our backs and said: "sauces are on your behind." (I am season the arse?)

Living in Korea I've come to somewhat resent corn. Not because it's any less delicious as a food, but because it always pops up here in places it doesn't belong: on pizza, spaghetti, in ambiguous coleslaw. It takes on the uncharacteristic role of a clingy roommate who you need to brush off in order to enjoy your favorite things. Corn deserves a "keep it on the cob" awareness campaign perhaps...


Shane said...

(looks around confused)
"They put...corn...on my hamburger. Should I...like...take it back?"
"No, just eat it and be glad it ain't red pepper squid."

Jono said...

I'm going to treat this corn saturation as a karmic phenomenon; that is, I'm enjoying the notion that fate is punishing you for forcing me to endure the word "cornholio" for weeks on end.