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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kims of all persuations

Back home on the Shore, you can't spin around with a stick without hitting a Hiltz, Wentzel or Zwicker.

Really, I've tried— it's like moths and a porch-light.

Here in Korea, it's Kim.

Today I came to a funny realization. Pretty much every aspect of my life in Korea is dictated by a Kim. My boss is Kim, my doctor is Kim, my baker is Kim, the dictator up North is Kim, and the Uri party National Assembly Chair who tells me in the paper I have nothing to worry about is also Kim.

So to sum in verbs: I'm paid, fed, healed, threatened and subsequently reassured by a Kim in one shape or form.

Just a random thought.

Those looking for an update on "Evil Grandmother Watch 2007" I have the following to offer: Paul's evil grandmother has again surfaced in evil world, and has corrupted his angel grandfather, who coincidentally was friends with Louis Braille, as he appeared in a recent Social Studies text book. The "Taster's Choice" wonderboy was then killed in his most terrible dream by the evil grandmother, and laid down among the black, wilted flowers of evil world.

I'd say this kid watches too much TV, but I don't know where he'd find the time.

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