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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mental Metamucil

Okay. I took care to write this down to make sure the full magnitude was captured, just to show how stretched the corners of Paul's hyper-real birth certificate would be.

So, after an especially free-form Friday night class, I asked Paul if he remembered his fantastic name that he spouted off before. He said that he did, but it was not in fact his real name. His real name eclipses the two small paragraphs I've already written:

Paulie (a nickname I gave him, after a bumbling computer game wise-guy) Polar Bear Bedison Saidison Medicine Petison Pantyson Jetison David Beckham David Birdsall Worthington D.C. Whitehouse Taster's Choice Black Coffee Beautiful Joe Powerman Columbus Edison Dungworld Earth Butt Runny Nose Appley Junior Senior.

I'd love to know what kind of evil grandmother could make that sound scary while whispering in your slumbering ear.

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