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Friday, November 03, 2006

Won is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Random thought: before coming to Korea, the fattest stack of cash I ever possessed was a roll of 10¢ Canadian Tire bills I slapped down on a $5 DVD rental at Video Difference in Halifax.

Last week I needed to wire some money back home but to avoid an additional fee, I had to present the desired amount in cash. This meant I had to withdraw over a million won from my bank branch to take to the other bank to send. The highest denomination of Korean cash is a 10,000 won note.

It was a stack that sure stretched the seams of that deposit envelope, and although it only amounted to about $1300 Canadian dollars, it made me feel like a real fat-cat.

I was telling Paul about Canadian coins today. I told him about the loonie and toonie and he laughed at the funny sounding words.

"Pretty silly names huh?" I said.

"Is there a bafoonie?" he asked innocently.

Now before you give this kid credit for being witty beyond his age, at the end of the same class when I said, "Time to go. We're all done." He replied:

"All doung!? We're all doung!?"

That joke is not legal tender.

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This.Impetus said...

I agree with the kid. I am, in fact, all doung.