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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Do you want some die?"

This is a phrase the upper elementary kids at the school toss around casually.

In the cutesy-toned broken English it almost sounds more menacing than an actual threat; it's sort of a Children of the Corn kinda vibe.

On the topic of threatening, I offer you this demonstrative video from Samsung, showing the utility of their new robot sentry machine guns, which will be deployed on the Korean border in 2007.

I know all the text is in Korean, but I urge you to watch at least until 1:19, for this is when the "Pirates of the Caribbean" overture kicks in.

This particular theme music is a pretty common thing to hear in Korea. The first "Pirates" movie is played constantly on OCN, and the theme is similarly hijacked for use in Star League televised gaming matches. It is this little idiosyncrasy that I find more disturbing than Samsung's apparent need to chuck millions of R&D money to develop a robot capable of providing lethal and suppressing fire. What we have here is a real life rendition of a staple of the Star Craft base— unmanned turrets. I surmise its only a matter of time before unwitting pro-gamers are charged with directing real-time military assaults in the guise of just another mission against the Zerg menace.

The mind boggles to think that this much effort goes into even more paranoid and relentless means of slaughtering one another.

Bravo you Corporate Oligarchy! For oblivion we set our sails...

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Shane said...

That song should be adopted as korea's national anthem. I'm sure they play it for the soldiers as they train.

Deep down, every Korean lad wants to grow up and be a pirate.