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Thursday, December 21, 2006

In one ear and out the arse

I could yammer on about grammar until my lips fell off and lay on the ground like two withered parentheses, and these kids would not retain a bit of it. Offhandedly mention words like "arse" and "quadrillion" and they're guaranteed to have the gift of crude hyperbole for the rest of their lives.

That's right. They didn't forget about my unintentional "arse" lesson, it just lay dormant in their minds until someone mispronounced the word "Earth" again. It was then speculated by Paul, that his hypothetical "Dung World" should be one quadrillion miles long and shaped like an arse. Right poetic, that.

Selective language retention is to be expected I suppose. I remember cool sounding Spanish words like delgado but not too much else.

You can tell the game junkies pretty quickly too. If they can catch your attention for a second they'll bombard you with questions like:

"Teacher! What is 'fire in the hole'?"

"Teacher! What is 'Mission Objective'?"

I wonder if they know "frag"?

1 comment:

Shane said...

The game playing students are always easy to pick out. For me they are the ones who aim an invisible shotgun at a person's face and yell "headshot!".
That or "Enemy sniper down!!"