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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmasu (Part 2)

Some photos from Olympic Park:

Bemused monkey stone head with safe— actually a series of both heads and safes. I love the expression on this thing's face.

The reflection of this building in the pond reminds me of a gaping mouth, not unlike Audrey II's in Little Shop of Horrors.

Here I am sitting on the Creepy Holiday Mantis' lap asking that it please spare my life for Christmas.

A shiny chrome tower of balls. I'm sure it was suitably molested by the statue guy on his way in.

Two birds having a lover's spat.

One big-ass thumb.

Some kids scaling up a strange, grass-covered structure that sort of looked like the claw of a giant hammer.


The story continued...

So, after watching the clear and present man-handling of the nude statues, Shane and I beat a hasty retreat back to the Park main to meet up with his girlfriend at the Coffee Bean. Woe of woes, as we made our way along the path, I found my hilarious musical Christmas Card from Shane had fallen out of my pocket.

We back-tracked and had almost made it to the statues when out from behind an art bluff, came a young couple dressed in head-to-toe animal suits. They were holding hands and walking about 6 feet in front of us. He was a raccoon and she was a tiger. Tails and everything.

"Trick or treat?" Shane asked me with confused distress.

We lagged behind for a few surreal moments, before breaking ahead as they stopped to admire a strange glass pyramid filled with traditional Korean dolls suspended by twine.

The card was long gone in any case, and I have every reason to suspect it was purloined (pun intended) by the man with the busy hands. I hope our strange inside jokes make the conversational business English circuit.

At least the loss gave us the chance to check out the furry aficionados.

After meeting Shane's girlfriend we headed to the COEX to find a place to eat, and settled on the Irish-German-Korean cultural fusion of O'Kim's BrauHaus. It seemed the perfect end to an especially absurd Christmas Day, raising sturdy pints of "German" micro brew to the background droning of "Last Christmas" by Wham for the millionth time.

God bless us everyone.


Pam said...

Bless us everyone for sure my sonbeam!

Anonymous said...

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