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Friday, December 15, 2006

More Popular Than Jejus

So I suddenly have a self-proclaimed fan club among my students.

It all started with the most unassuming gesture. We were studying "everyday activities" such as going to school, eating breakfast and watching TV. One student made an offhand remark about watching her father watch the news. I held an imaginary microphone up to my mouth, and in a mock deep newscaster voice I said:

"Hello, and welcome to the news."

The kids went completely ape-shit.

"Handsome!" they wailed like so many crushing banshees, "Oh Teacher, please, again!"

"Hello, and welcome to the news."

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" came the chorus immaculate.

Today, I did the voice again at the end of class, just to see if they remembered. They swarmed me, screaming gleefully like it was 1964 and I was all the Beatles mashed together. They went so far as to get me to sign the inside of their workbooks— multiple times!

On the white board they wrote: "Sam is good reporter and best! We're pen."

"Pen?" I asked Na-young, obviously the groupie savant.

"Pen club!" she said with enthusiasm.

"Oh... FAN... it's FFFan club, with an 'F'."

"Handsome! Handsome!" they chirped to each other and jumped up and down.

So the school has succumbed to Samsangnimania ("Samsangnim" has become my nickname, from seonsangnim, which is the Korean word for teacher). I don't understand what is so handsome about a TV news reporter, but it's certainly amusing.

I'm performing on Ed Sullivan next week so I don't expect this will blow over anytime soon.


Somebody from Halifax better tell CTV's Bruce Frisko to hurry up and get his ass over to Korea. If this newscaster obsession carries on into adulthood, here he could finally be the sex-god hinted at in his lascivious looks on the late night news.


Jono said...

But with both yourself and Brucey in town, how will the Korean maidens ever get any work done?1

Shane said...

Koreans shorten the word Seonsangnim to a slang for teacher, which just happens to be 'Sam'. You're perfect to be a teacher here, even if your astounding beauty and rich voice didn't prove it enough.
By the way, it's been a while since I lost myself in Mr. Frisko's eyes. Siiighhhh.

Anonymous said...

Don't count Koreans as the only one your newscaster voice would turn on. Heh!

I'm so going anon for this one (though you probably know who I am anyway).

Sam said...

Don't be a stranger...