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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What Kid Chases the Steamed Crab Truck?

Last night I was walking back from the grocery store with the latest in a series of purchases of experimental Korean fruit wines (black raspberry was the vin du jours) and I thought I saw a car accident at the crosswalk ahead.

There was steam pouring out of the back of a truck, and behind it was a car with a dented bumper. On closer inspection, the damage to the car wasn't new, the closeness of the vehicles was simply bad Korean driving, and the steam was from a source I couldn't conceivably have thought of.

As the truck pulled through the lights I heard a megaphone sales pitch similar to the propaganda fruit wagons coming from it. As I got a better rear-end view (no chuckles kids...) I could see the upward poking of dozens of crustacean legs.

It was a mobile steamed crab stand.

Surely that would have been my next guess.

The streets were deserted, besides myself, so the crab truck steamed on into the darkness. If only they had had an ice-cream truck jingle, I'm sure a small flock of children would have been in hot pursuit— Pied Piper style.

"Piping hot seafood, seasoned with exhaust! Perfect for the late evening crowd of street gawkers and fresh-water swabs! Get them while they're billowing clouds of steam infernal! Crab! Steamed crab! It tastes better in motion!"

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Shane said...

I love street food. (hey, hey, did someone say stomach infection!?)Recently as I was walking along at night a group of teenagers beckoned to me and ended up selling me a sack of four sweet potatoes that had been roasted inside a strange cylindrical fire chamber.

I'll admit that it was strangely delicious, though, it could have used some steamed crab.