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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"We've quips and quibbles heard in flocks..."

"Teacher! Minwoo is everyday speaking lies!"

This line has become part of Joseph's repertoire, not because he genuinely thinks Minwoo is a liar, but because he thinks it's funny to have a catch-phrase.

Today, in Joseph's absence we had something of a paradox on our hands.

"Teacher!" Minwoo himself hijacked the routine, "Minwoo is everyday speaking lies!"

Everyone laughed. I stood up and paced thoughtfully.

"Think about this," I said.

"If Joseph says Minwoo lies everyday, and then Minwoo himself says he is telling lies, that must mean he's always telling the truth... right?"

"Ahhhhhh!" they said with wonderment.

"Is opposite!"

"A most amusing paradox!" I said with respect to Gilbert & Sullivan.

They laughed, finding opposites one of the funniest things imaginable. That is one of the great things about being a kid. You can find such asinine things as saying "Goodbye!" in place of "Hello!" as unrivaled hilarious shtick.

Today was also Valentine's Day which I barely even registered, since I haven't been obligated to by the greeting card industry, and for lack of a significant other for a good many years.

A few students brought me chocolate so that was very sweet.

Anne gave me a little bag of Korean knock-off M&Ms, unappetizingly called "TP." She also made me two little cut-out drawings of a boy and a girl, and wrote on the back: "Minju [sic] is you (Sam teacher) give chocolate 2007.2.14 Valentine day."

Much better than the tragic V-tine's where the Wardroom canteen lady at King's gave me a chocolate which ended up melting in my pocket. That was a real Charlie Brown moment.

It seems this year the tables have turned, and I'm as popular as Schroeder.

So, happy Valentine's to those who deserve it and/or give a shit. I'm off to play toy piano while doing irreparable damage to my neck...

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Pam said...

Valentines Day is a strange day. It is a day for confused feelings if you are influenced by commercial culture. If we can remember that there are people in the world who love us , we can feel connected to the rest of humanity. XXXOOO