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Monday, March 19, 2007

The boy they call "Baby Kangeroo"

"I am the race car! I am very fast, and fast and so, so cool!"

Joey is one of my favorite students for a variety of reasons. One being the fact that he can entertain himself by saying things like that above, while tossing his head back and pretending to be the Mach V.

He never teases, belittles, provokes, or tries to humiliate any other kids. He's not whiny or manipulative. He's just a total original, and a genuinely nice kid.

He also has a surprising knowledge of Western pop culture and science. Plus he invented So-so man and Hammersoup!

"Teacher! You know the McQueen?" he asked after recovering from his race-car impression.

"Steve McQueen? American movie actor?" I said, kind of taken aback, having almost finished a biography of the Man himself.

"He is very tough guy?"

"I don't think they had a word for tough before McQueen."


Sometimes I forget I'm being a little too candid.

I've also been repeatedly surprised by Joey's questions about Stephen Hawking, Lou Gehrig's disease, Einstein, Edison and the Ford Model-T.

A hungry young mind.

Or just hungry for packages?

He's come a long way, and they makes me feel very good.


Pam said...

You should feel pleased...you're making a difference in all their youg lives!!!

Pam said...

oops..."young lives"