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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Teacher..." -A Day in Quotes II-

"Teacher! Why gentleman is do this? *doffs an imaginary tophat*"
-Joey's first words to me this afternoon.

"Teacher! But everyday I think 'bitch!'"
-Joseph's rebuttal to my demand that he stop saying "bitch" in class.

"Teacher! I am trying to see your 'sense.' It is your best sense!"
-Paul trying to get me to laugh so hard that I take of my glasses and rub my eyelids. The kids call this "sense" and it is their ultimate goal.

"Teacher! I want to see your head-bang!"
-Eunji, after watching another student do his best impression of a DJ who is really into it, scratching with the plastic cup holders built into the table.

"Oh my God!/ Oh my Mom!/ Oh my baby!/ Oh my Santa Claus!"
- Ji-won, filling in the blanks after my saying, "Oh my..."

"Teacher! Hug please!"
-Jane, Paul's little sister, said smiling after I came in early to find her studying to English tapes by herself in the listening room.

"Joseph: Teacher! I want to make a... the head cancer!

Me: How will you make it?

Joseph: Well!

Me: That's not what I meant..."
-Joseph and I in an unplanned tribute to the age old "my dog has no nose, how does it smell? awful" type comedy of misunderstanding.

My days are often unbearable, but seldom boring.


Gillian said...

I wish I laughed as much as you do in my day job. You're lucky. I think you'll miss it when you leave.

Anonymous said...

I have acquired level 7 'sense'. And when I reach level 8, I'll be able to wield rubber chickens embued with pun elements.

By the way, my students don't say stuff nearly as crazy and funny.