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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dung sleuthing

A quick internet search turned up this blog with further insight into the Korean children and their dung fetish. The author tells us of a fecal-friendly notebook character named Dongchimee, who's entire existence is made clear by the accompanying illustration.

Recently I was watching an online Flash cartoon with Paul's sister where a snooty girl who ignored her friends at the beach to work on her tan, is pooped on by a seagull (of course the dung dropped from the bird is a perfectly formed, iconic pile, rather unlike real bird shit...) and winds up with a severe tan, but for a pale patch of skin in the shape of the tell-tale dung.

Further investigation yielded the fact that the word "dung" itself is a false cognate with the Korean word for poop: 똥 "ttong."

This enlightens us as to why they all know the word, but the mystery of why it's the stuff of little girls' stationary, and an entire quarter of Paul's brain will never be explained.

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