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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hyundai Capital Prime Loan

Okay... so this commercial used to play NONSTOP on TV, and I thought it was strange and annoying, but now— oh boy— now they have new one which is even worse.

In stead of just one strange Children of the Corn/Betty Crocker bleach blond droning on about "Hyundai Capital Prime Loan" they have a whole family.

A coven of peroxide slick Australians are sitting at their antique dinner table and the son makes a solemn announcement:

"Dad... Prime Loan."


"Prime... Loan?" the father replies with a pause as if to declare "you killed... HOW... many hookers with my car?"

"Yes, Prime Loan," the son responds this time with confidence.

"Prime Loan..." the Grandfather says with wise resignation, that speaks "well, that's settled then isn't it?"

"HYUNDAI CAPITAL PRIME LOAN!" the mother says with such absurd celebration, as if a life-long metal rod has finally been removed from her "arse equator."

It is ridiculous!

Hyundai has some extremely strange advertising agents.

First the commercial with the Willy Wonka song and helicopters being built out of Lego in time-lapse, and now this bizarre emission with caricatures of blond, smiling white people saying the same words over and OVER.

It gets into my head, it does.

Sorries to other K-land readers if this now winds up whistling through your head too, like a nonstop bullet train to nowhere.


Irrelephant said...

The blonde...geeze! Strangely erotic and simultaneously creepy strange.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I hate those commercials, especially the new one. When it comes on (every 40 seconds or so) I begin to cough up blood.