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Sunday, May 27, 2007

4 points is all I have in me

- I had a most excellent time in Hongdae last night.

- I'm paying for it today.

- The days are getting hot, hotter.

- As I walked to the subway with a bottle of wine in one hand and a crossword puzzle in the other, I couldn't help but think such instruments would be better for a Sunday by the pool, than a long, groggy mixture of bus and train.


Shane said...

Oh man, just wait for 'hottest'.

Pam said...

Glad you had fun partying with your freinds .
Happy Birthday on Monday Sam Sam , from the Mahone Bay gang!!!
Mum X

Anonymous said...

Wine? Subway? Never in Toronto-the-good. Not even a high Anglican going to communion!

p.s. Happy Birthday (and a promised cold one at the Mug) even from those you haven't yet met.

St. Paul (from Upper South Cove, which is not to be confused with either Middle West LaHave nor Lower East Argyle)

Sam said...

You forgot West Northfield.

riley said...

I had no idea you were little hung over! and there we were standing in Hongdae again with me asking if you felt like drinks or food. I should have known, you were technically doing the walk-of-shame after all. hey, I felt pretty fine (maybe thanks to the chicken the girls and I scarfed after we parted ways :P ).

Happy Birthday!