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Friday, May 11, 2007

Androgynous genius

Sorry about the multiple postings of that clip... I tried to put it up on the weekend, and assumed, after multiple tries, that the YouTube to Blogger function was buggy. I guess I just had to wait...

That's really not something an unsuspecting reader should be subjected to more than once.

This is an old commercial and ran, like the "Hyundai Capital Prime Loan" one, ad nauseam (pun intended) many months ago.

Well, in the spirit of an old-tyme boxing adage, i.e. "the ol' one-two" the ad agency think-tanks have deemed these monstrosities too good not to repeat.

The guys from the commercial make up the Korean band Fly to the Sky. They are pretty goofy, but they seriously have nothing on the "Grapefruitade" sequel, currently in HEAVY rotation on Korean cable.

Though I have no clip, the offending duo are seen here:

The guy on the left? Well... picture a perky, Bollywood-sashaying castrato who got kicked out of his community theatre staging of Rocky Horror for being more Strawberry Shortcake than Frank N. Furter.

Yeah... I know...

Apparently he too is a Korean pop hero, from the mighty group Super Junior.

On principal alone, I'd rather wring a flamingo through a wash bucket and drank whatever that yielded than give Sunkist Korea any precedent to make more of these commercials by buying their product...

But good God all this talk about lemonade is making me thirsty...

EDIT: I watched a few interview clips and shows with this Hee Chul character from the band, and in the interest of fairness, he seems like a pretty normal guy. It's a pity the director of the commercial seems to want to promote him as a singing, dancing fireworks accident.


Tim said...

" A singing, dancing fireworks accident"

That made me laugh out load.

Thanks Sam.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious man. I'm glad you addressed these commercials, because they really are horrendous.

My girlfriend mentioned to me that the orange haired "fireworks accident" is most likely playfully imitating some traditional Chinese theatre thing.

That's no excuse for playing it every ten minutes, but there you go.