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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dalki & Dongchimee

I wrote before about a fellow Korea blogger who commented on the dung fetish, and introduced me to the character Dongchimee.

Well, I found his website.

As a bit player in the popular character brand Dalki, Dongchimee has his own bio on the Dalki site:

"Dongchimee loves Dung very much. It is his own creation.

It is hard to adjust and makes him feel good every morning.

Dongchimee tries to test to have creations.

He sometimes makes dung watery or dry.

He makes sketches of such satisfactory dung and put it in a glass bottle.

Dongchimee spends most of time at home.

He sticks out dung of others unconsciously when he is outside.

He can't stand just watching it. That's why they call him 'Dongchimee'."

After that introduction, I find it very telling that Dongchimee's astrological sign is misspelled "Virgin."

The character Dalki herself also seems like a bit of a reprobate:

"She sometimes creates accidents and troubles, however she also troubleshoots troubles of others. (Through, most of the time, she is troublesome… -_-;;)"

Sounds like trouble.

Not the least of which:

"She often gets absorbed to heroin of cartoon or movie."

I know TV can be a bad influence, but this sounds like a serious case of hard drug osmosis.

Anyway, the "dung wave" continues unabated.

I'm going to hit the stationary store tomorrow and try to find some Dongchimee swag for those at home.

Failing that, dung-on-a-stick, Dalki style.


Jake said...

Dongchimee is crying from her nostrils.

Sam said...

Thank God that's all he's crying from...