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Friday, May 25, 2007

God, Speed...

So I bought one of those fancy 5-bladed razors.

Yeah I know...

The very concept was the subject of parody back when the 3-bladed jobbies came out about a million years ago.

I was examining the razor display at the local K-Mart (not to be confused with the other K-mart) and my eyes drifted from the dusty looking Mach-3's to the grandly displayed, excessively-bladed "Fusion." I was wondering why they didn't stick with the Mach moniker, when a hyper-real scenario flashed through my head of Speed Racer's Pops leaping over the cash and shouting in bad dub:

"Sam-Sam! The Mach 5 is not yet ready! Aha!"

It cracked me up in the check-out, at least.

Speaking of Speed Racer, as most of us hopefully aren't in the habit of, here's a strange bit of information on the upcoming Wachowski brothers film version of the 60's cartoon.

Apparently everybody's favorite Korean pop idol (Bi) Rain is in talks to appear in the film in an unspecified role.

The world is not yet ready...


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