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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jave Jibe

Shane, my co-pilot in Korea and one of my best pals, got me a fantastic early birthday present that I must share with the world forthwith:

It's a dung coffee mug! I couldn't believe it. The Korean writing even says: "ddong kopi" or "dung coffee." And if the oozing rim and soft-serve swirl on the front doesn't whet your appetite for a cuppa joe, check out the inside:


I deliberately chose the photo where you can see the reflection of my hand, so it looks like I'm using a camera with dung in lieu (or "loo" as the case may be...) of a lens.

"Dear Korea,

Please explain to me your love of dung. If I learn but one thing in my time here, let it be the answer to this mystery...



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