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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lanternpalooza -part 3- "Paper Sky"

Here's the last batch of photos of the Buddha's Birthday festivities last Sunday.

temple at night, during and after the parade:

"Father Abbot, I hate to be the one to bring this up... but is that lantern baby humping the sacred trees?"

Upside down, it looks like rolling hills of lights.

Evidently, the fellow in the lower right thought I was taking a photo of him, and posed accordingly.


Gillian said...

I am absolutely in love with those lanterns!

Anonymous said...

Those lanterns from Lanterpalooza-
Parts 1-3- are otherworldy and
beautiful.They are like Dream images.
For how many days do South Koreans
celebrate Buddha's birthday? Do they
eat special food? Are there special
day-time events, too? Thanks for sharing those magical images, Sam.

Sam said...

Bert— It's a lunar holiday, so it takes place on a different May day every year (2012 Buddha and I have the same birthday!). The Sunday before the actual holiday, this year it was the 24th, is when all the festivities go down.

Typically all the temples offer tea to visitors, and in Seoul there is the Lotus Lantern Parade, and a Street Party in the day that gives people an opportunity to make their own lantern or participate in meditation and interesting things.

It was pretty incredible.

Anonymous said...

Such amazing pictures. I love the rolling hills of lanterns.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, Sam. One shot of them upside down looked like an invasion of coloured giga-bytes; friendly giga-bytes!