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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Olympic Park Strangeness

Is it a buffalo with a man for a groin and no arms? Or a man with a buffalo for a groin doing a headstand?

This statue was described previously as the "Praying Mantis God" but I think it's more accurately described as a domesticated Jabberwocky. In any case, the actual name of the piece is "View to Avacucho" by Peruvian artist Fabian Sanchez. This kid wandered into the shot...

...but then insisted on sticking around and posing for another. I missed the next moment when he crawled up on the creature's lap.

Any Farside fans in the house? This statue reminds me of the one with the Indian Chief addressing his assembled tribe, holding up a bizarre multi-tubed organ and saying: "Take a good, long look at this. This is the only part of the buffalo we don't use."

Well, I think this is the totem pole.

A moment of pause on a tiny, metal chair.

After we hopped the rope, everyone suddenly wanted a picture of themselves on the chairs what proportionately increased in size. The scene was in danger of growing stale so Shane and I quickly split out.

Here we finally see the row of naked statues that were molested by that old man on Christmas Day, 2006.

This device, which has the outward appearance of a fire hydrant spliced with a mailbox, with a crank on one end and an arse on the other, is in fact a piece entitled "I want my beloved" by Parviz Tanavoli of Iran.

This is "The Elephant Man."

This is the Elephant Man's son/toadie.

And this is the Elephant Man's elephant.

It's Paul Van Hoeydonk's fault...


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the Elephant Man look like the result of a transformer having sex with a pile of crushed pigeons.

Sam said...

It's not just you.

Jake said...

I didn't get that was a man's face in the first picture and thought it was a buffalo with an electrical socket for a groin.