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Monday, May 07, 2007


So I seem to be having problems loading YouTube clips onto the blog, so for the time being you're all spared the Sunkist Lemonadu "Fly to the Sky" serenade, or seeing Korean giant Choi Hong-Man dancing with a bunch of schoolgirls in a commercial for "chewlets."

I know, you weep.

But don't worry babies, Sam-Sam doesn't disappoint:

Korean dung culture prevails! This time in the form of an animated kids film called "Doggy Poo."

Though made in 2003, I'm sure this is news to most of you. When I found this I just didn't have the strength anymore to be aghast. Korea has sapped all my will to be aghast at anything strange or dung-related. I feel like an old sailor having seen a lifetime of wonder and terror at sea, so stumbling across a website for a movie starring an anthropomorphic poop and its crisis of self-worth is kind of like being shown a thimble full of Sea Monkeys by your friend's kid— you put on excited airs, but really, you've seen it all and then some.

So enjoy the trailer for "Doggy Poo" and don't listen to the haters over at IMDB who say "I walked away angry from watching this turd for gosh dongle 45 minutes!" since they're obviously some sort of deranged prospector...


Claire said...

That is absolutely redonkulous! I laughed aloud...oooooooh good. :D

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this exists. Holy lord. I guess Doggy Poo is like Korea's Brave Little Toaster.

Also, I recently made a dung-related discovery in a stationary store that is unimaginable and funny, I refuse to describe it here. You'll just have to wait.

Pam said...

No words....really....just no words !!!!!