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Monday, June 04, 2007

Another kind of Madness

Korea has us beat (badly) on at least three fronts.

The first is obviously personal technology like cellphones, electronic dictionaries and portable TVs.

The second is cuteness, but the kind of cuteness that's for sale. I'm talking about notebooks, erasers, and stationary (Dongchimee notably excluded...) that are saturated with bashful clouds, cheerful rainbows and adorable puppy eyes so swollen with moist tears of friendship that they're in danger of popping like a overripe lychee fruit.

The third and perhaps least expected, is domestic ice cream treats. Obviously handmade Italian ice cream can't be beat, but if you put an Orange Creamsicle, arguably the apex of the North American frozen treat freezer, against its natural Korean adversary, the Creamsicle would meet its maker as a neglected, curdled puddle.

Two words people: Honeydew Ice-Cream-Bar.

Shut up, it counts as two.

Regardless, these things are amazing.

Worthy expats should already know about this 50 cent taste sensation. If not, you have marching orders for your neighborhood Family Mart. The summer has only just begun, and already I have had a vision of how I will survive— it involves a white sheet tent, an open fridge, and 1,000,000 won worth of ice cream bars.

Madness will come naturally, and without resistance.

Sort of like this (at 6:55), but without the zero G.

Bring it on humidity. I have my beloved ice cream bar.


Anonymous said...

LOL. What a riot!
I have a favorite ice cream on a stick. I forget the name but it's a chocolate fudge-sicle thing with a pure liquid chocolate center. It's wicked delicious and astoundingly sweet, coming from a country that loves tomatos and red beans as dessert.

Irrelephant said...

"Beloved ice-cream bar?" Are we channeling Ren now, oh expat ice-cream eating one?

riley said...

ha ha ha popped lychee fruit! didn't we get the brunt of exactly that together last time I saw you?
you must be reading my mind: I'm scanning the cover of one of my kid's notebooks for a post - I'm sure it'll be the first installment of a long series...
hey, let's go to the beach!