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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bidet's the day?

My haircut has been much better received by the students this time around. Kids are naturally fickle and blunt and love to be cheeky when they know they can get away with it. So they'll combine simple words and gestures to insinuate that you look like spaghetti vomit and things like that.

The first wee one to see me today was Young-chang who is nothing short of adorable with his little perm and big curious eyes.

"Oooooh!" he said peeking into the teacher's room.

"Who are you!?"

"Don't you remember me?" I laughed.

"Teacher! *insert hair-cutting gesture* is beautiful! You are prince!"


Throughout the day I was told my "style" (the be-all personal commodity) was "cool, and very best." I was also compared to Spiderman, Harry Potter, David Beckham and a host of others. Some compliments, naturally, were simply bribery towards leaving the class for a drink of water.

"Teacher! You are handsome, and Superman and Batman and Spiderman. Okay!? I'm going water..."

Reminds me of a childhood note to my mother, to the tune of: "I love you and you love me right? Right. I would like to go bowling."

In other news, I've decided a moratorium on electronic dictionaries in class is required. The ability to find the English equivalent of anything Korean that pops into their heads generally gives more in the way of inappropriate words than anything else.

Today I got this from the relatively harmless "I get along well with............... because............"

"I get along well with penis because it is very clean."

Too much information my darlings...


Sister Claire said...

hahaha, umm show the hair cut! you can't say it and not show it! geeze.

Anonymous said...

at least that's hygienic