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Monday, June 11, 2007

Mr. Beefly

Paul has a new name.

It is the greatest name ever.

He has absorbed the word ridiculous, and now he uses it at every available opportunity. It has become less of a novelty and more something he aspires to.

He wants to be "ridiculous boy."

As such, while I was teaching him some simple writing techniques, he signed his short essay "Pauly Beefly." Later amended to "Ridiculous Pauly Beefly."

That's Beefly as in relating to beef, not like bee+fly.

I totally lost it.

"Paul, why Beefly? What is Beefly?

He grinned.

"Teacher, it is just ridiculous word."

The "essay" he was writing was about the ninja frog Dororo, from the cartoon Keroro which I mentioned before.

He looks like this:

Anyway, the essay was insightful, and ended with the conclusion that Dororo "is a cool brain, and handsome beefly."

I'm now curious about the implications of this new word "beefly." Is it an adjective or a noun? A muscular situation or a redneck culinary evaluation?

"How's them tenders?"

"They's too beefly..."

"Aw spit."

One thing is for certain. It is ridiculous.

Paul has that in spades.


riley said...

sam, you're just covering for the fact that you actually say 'spit'.

Sam said...

quiet you.