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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Loose belts sink spirits

My sunburn was a big hit in school today. Many of the students suspected arson... though I suppose it's not longer arson if you try to burn down a person. In any case, there were several impressions of me running along a beach in flames.

You should have seen it.

Joey, always a wild card lately, had the strangest comment.

"Teacher! At the beach you wear the heart panty?"

"No, Joey. Shorts."

"Teacher! Roosevelt is wear the heart panty!"

"Roosevelt, as in U.S President Roosevelt?" I had to clarify since he spoke it, mixing the r/l and v/b as Koreans do, making something similar to "Loosebelt." Therein lay his joke.

"Yeah! Every time he go to talk 'ladies and gentleman' thing, belt is loose and his pants fall down and there is the heart panty!"

All curiosities about my swimwear aside, I think he'd been waiting a long time to use that one.

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