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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I didn't take many photos on the weekend, since I was mostly caked in mud and I didn't think my camera would appreciate it as much as I did. So here are just a few of the non-mudded times:

The view from the Motel.

Again at night.

Traditional Korean drumming in the plaza.

Drama, as in "I don't want no..."

In keeping with the previous guests, I left my mark on the headboard. Those who know, know.

This lady was decked out in maximum sun protection gear, including the mask with clothes-pins holding it in place. I saw her roaming the beach selling the most random stuff, as you can see: ice cream, along with inflatable devil pitchforks.

The watery, sloshing mud shenanigan pool, looking much tamer on Sunday afternoon.

"UV, whut?" or "Whitey's last stand."

Life's a beach.

Flaving. Mad Flaving.

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