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Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Rights vs. Yours

Two short things:

I am on vacation until the 3rd. Then just two short weeks until the big flight.

I am in love with the new New Pornographers single. Listen to it here.

I always knew these guys were excellent but this song makes me so happy I've just been listening to it and smiling all morning. Every now and then you find a song that perfectly captures your mood.

In this case it is being on the edge of something you've been waiting for— seeing land
from the sea if you will.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam
I was a little tentative of the group's name:) but I listened to the song and it is a great tune. Enjoy your final days there and safe return.
love Lynnie

Gillian said...

When I count down to my Due Date, I also am counting down to your Departure Date. I'm excited for you!