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Monday, August 06, 2007

Rice is Nice

Some days I am so frustrated after work that I can barely unclench my teeth on the walk back to my apartment. On those days, instead of picking fights or lifting weights, I realize I need to take a walk down the rice field. When the sky is clear the trail is just so calm.

There are hundreds of dragonflies zipping through the dusk. Now that the fields are thick there aren't as many cranes picking through the water, but you still see a few gliding.

It is exactly what I need after a hard day.


Oh, and in case you were wondering why Koreans all haul out the "V" when they have their pictures taken, I don't have an answer why but I can tell you that even abandoned gardening gloves pose for the camera.



Anonymous said...

Nice pictures man. It looks like you have a better view of the sky than I do. Luuuuckky.

Pam said...

The skies over Mahone Bay today are clear and blue with high clouds. In 41 days you'll see it too!!!
The rice fields are beautiful . Good way to chill.

Barry said...

For Koreans the V stands for victory. I'm not sure why they do it every time they take a picture though.