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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ddongchim Evil?

So in reporting my experience of what I knew as the "dung-chip" phenomenon during my year of teaching, it seems I misheard the word itself. It seems the actual act "똥침" is said more like "ddongchim" (or ttongchim) so mostly the same.

Get this: the rough translation of the special attack is "dung needle."

There is a similar act in Japan known as Kancho—great explanation here.

Here's a bit from the Korean Wikipedia entry! (interestingly somewhat-translated via Google):

"Iran together into one index finger of both hands ttongchim seunhu, anus of another person with the aim of stabbing one of the children's fun. Chojunggogyosaengdeung primarily, the underage students are often among his age group enjoy the kind of a joke.
Usually done as a joke, or is not ttongchim evil, just like any business, you can be that much violence is in excess."

It goes on to describe (I think) the medical dangers of overzealous ddongchiming.

Be wary.

Wary like this family wasn't...

[Don't be ddongchim evil.]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dethroning Dongchimee

It's been more than six months since I left Korea, but a discovery too incredible not to share has drawn me out of retirement.

I stumbled across this game today and it blew my mind.

Move over Dongchimee. [EDIT: or maybe not...]

Assume the role of your average ddongchimming Korean hero— hands permanently clasped in the (not dissimilar) prayer and/or dung-chipping stance— whose goal is to ddongchim a disembodied, starry-thong-wearing flushed pink buttocks into oblivion. Naturally you have to dodge the perfectly formed dung piles that fall down towards you (complete with buh-je-jic sound effects).


This little South Park expat and ddongchim warrior will periodically fall from the top of the screen to "level-up" your ddongchimming finger shot from yellow to blue to red.

If you hold down your mouse, your ddongchim will power up in high octane anime fashion and your character will launch up the screen to deliver a true between-the-cheeks ddongchim to your adversary.

Like so:



Be careful because each dung hit to the face will stun your character temporarily and if your energy bar disappears...

...BUT! If you managed to dodge the dumps and ddongchim your score bar to the max then...

And in your victory screen it is revealed your opponent was none other than some poor mohawked slob who you ddongchimmed till he wept.

Feels good to win, right?